Department of Corrections
Disclaimer Notice: The Oregon Department of Corrections makes available the following offender information in its Oregon Offender Search (OOS) system as a service to the public. While the information is believed to be accurate, the Oregon Department of Corrections makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information. Further, the Department assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any of the information provided. Information is updated by the Department periodically, and may change. As such, the information should not be used as an "official" record by any law enforcement agency or any other entity or person.

In order to obtain an official or certified copy of an offender record, please click on the link: Record Request

Notice: In order to more effectively track inmate transfers between institutions, each co-located minimum facility has a unique abbreviation. For example, Snake River Correctional Institutions - Minimum and Medium facilities used to both be referred to as SRCI. The medium facility will retain the SRCI abbreviation; the minimum will have the SRCM abbreviation.

Please refer to this chart for the new abbreviations.
Previous AbbreviationsNew Abbreviations
CCCF - Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
  • CCCF - Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Medium
  • CCCM - Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Minimum
  • CCIC - Coffee Creek Intake Center
DRCI - Deer Ridge Correctional Institution
  • DRCI - Deer Ridge Correctional Institution, Medium
  • DRCM - Deer Ridge Correctional Institution, Minimum
SRCI - Snake River Correctional Institution
  • SRCI - Snake River Correctional Institution, Medium
  • SRCM - Snake River Correctional Institution, Minimum
TRCI - Two Rivers Correctional Institution
  • TRCI - Two Rivers Correctional Institution, Medium
  • TRCM - Two Rivers Correctional Institution, Minimum